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Promote your Supplier Diversity Program to “supplier ready” businesses.


partner with us

Promote your supplier diversity program to “supplier ready” businesses.

Developing a More Competitive Business Ecosystem

In today’s business environment, supplier diversity has emerged as a critical component of business ecosystems by stimulating economic growth, promoting social equity and generating business development.  Diverse-owned businesses—those owned by women, racial or ethnic minorities, veterans or people with disabilities—have faced historical challenges in securing capital, expanding their operations, accessing markets and, yes, being suppliers for corporations. Fortunately, with the efforts of corporations that are committed to change – Pacesetters – and a network of organizations working for change, supplier diversity has evolved to make a positive impact on communities, industries and businesses.

Supplier Diversity Connect, as a program of Develop America Inc., works to more intentionally integrate and align business capacity building with value added connections to provide diverse-owned businesses greater access to opportunities in corporations, industries and markets.  At the end of the day, Diversity is measured by the value that it creates.

If your corporation or organization is a supplier diversity leader – a Pacesetter – lets discuss how we can partner to support supplier diversity.   Please complete the attached form.


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Supplier Diversity Connect is a program of Develop America.   The mission of Supplier Diversity Connect is to connect businesses to supplier or contracting opportunities in corporations and government agencies.

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